Do I Have to List My House on the Market to Sell It?

No. You do not have to list your house on the market to sell it. There is no law in Rhode Island that requires you to list the house or hire a real estate agent to broker a deal. You have the option to sell your house directly to an individual or company that buys houses in Coventry, Rhode Island. This type of real estate transaction is known as a cash home sale.

In a cash home sale, the house-buying company buys your house as-is and pays cash. You do not have to list the house, make home repairs, hire a realtor, or pay closing costs. Unlike a traditional home sale, which can take several months, a cash home sale takes one to three weeks. Below, we take a close look at a cash home sale and how it helps you avoid listing your house on the market.

On-Market vs. Off-Market Real Estate Listings

What Is an On-Market Real Estate Listing?

Whether you hire a real estate agent or attempt a For Sale by Owner, you need to publicize your house sale to make buyers aware of your property. Today, the most common way to list a house is online through listing websites. You can also use traditional methods such as placing a sign in your yard, placing an ad in the newspaper, or telling people.

What Is an Off-Market Real Estate Listing?

An off-market real estate listing is an exclusive home sale between you and a designated buyer. It is often a private transaction that does not require the services of a real estate agent. Therefore, you do not list it on any sites or publicize the sale. A cash home sale is an example of an off-market real estate listing.

Am I a Candidate for an Off-Market Listing?

Although a traditional home sale is still the most common way to sell a house in Coventry, Rhode Island, it may not work for you in certain situations. You may be a candidate for an off-market real estate listing if are in circumstances such as

Financial Hardship

If you are currently going through bankruptcy or foreclosure and need to get out of your mortgage, you may want to consider a cash home sale. A house-buying company in Rhode Island can purchase your property regardless of why you are selling your house. They can expedite the sale and help you get out of your mortgage with your credit intact.

Legal Issues

Are you currently going through a divorce? Do you need to close out a probate case? If so, you may not have the time or resources you need to do a traditional home sale. A cash home buyer in Rhode Island can help you navigate a quick sale so that you can move on and resolve any legal issues.


Moving often happens suddenly, leaving you with limited time to sell your house. Whether you are downsizing, avoiding foreclosure, or starting a new job, you need to be able to sell your house quickly with zero problems. A cash home sale allows you to sell your house fast without incurring a bunch of selling expenses. You can get started in your new place right away.

Damaged House

To list your house on the market, you need to have a move-in ready property that can compete with other properties. You may have to spend thousands of dollars to repair and stage your house. Selling your house as-is for cash to a private home buyer allows you to avoid costly home repairs. The buyer agrees to purchase the house in its current condition without stipulations or mandatory inspections.

Sell Your House Fast in Coventry, Rhode Island

If you need to sell your house fast but don’t want the hassle of listing it on the market, we can help. At Prime Real Estate Investments, we buy houses as-is in Coventry, Rhode Island. We can help you sell your house fast with a cash home sale. Call today to get a guaranteed cash offer on your house.